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Leadership in Equity and Development of Racial Responsibility Series

Leadership in Equity and Development of Racial Responsibility (LEADRRS) is a quarterly series designed for leaders, managers, and supervisors in the mental health field who are in pursuit of equity and invested in learning to lead, manage and/or supervise from an anti-oppressive and racially responsible lens. In the context of a co-created space committed to honoring the vulnerability and journey of each participant, the course aims to support honest and courageous reflection about power and racial dynamics so that each participant may:

Transcend Boundaries

Deepen their capacity to see and name race and racism, be accountable for racial harms committed/witnessed, and engage in repair/healing.

Empower Dialogues

Increase the will and skill to engage in constructive conversations about race and racism.

Dismantle Barriers

Increase capacity to see how white supremacy norms have shaped organizational structure and clinical supervision and develop liberatory practices rooted in justice.

Harmonize Equity

Co-create an anti-racist leadership community and organization.

Meet Our Instructors

Dr. Bukky Kolawole, PsyD

Dr. Bukky Kolawole is a Black, queer, gender non-conforming psychologist in pursuit of equity with love, boldness, empathy and vulnerability. Her purpose is to boldly disrupt systems of oppression with love so that we can all show up in the rest of our humanity (i.e., with authenticity and vulnerability). She is the Founder and Executive Director of Relationship HQ, a place that exists to nurture vibrant human connection so that anyone seen feels whole, served, and celebrated in the mirror and in the world. As a trainer, Dr. Bukky is dedicated to the design and delivery of dynamic, experiential learning experiences in which participants increase their knowledge and skills while feeling emotionally inspired through the learning process. Her unique facilitation style is racially sensitive, culturally informed, emotionally engaging, and captivating of participants’ hearts and minds. The combination of her passion for teaching, unique training style, and the emotionally tuned environments sets her apart from other facilitators.

Deidre Ashton, LCSW

Deidre Ashton, LCSW, is a psychotherapist and equity consultant who collaborates with non-profit organizations and educational institutions on their continuous endeavors to transform into liberatory institutions that deliver services and foster work environments grounded in racial justice. They offer customized workshops and learning experiences, clinical supervision, and executive coaching to achieve these goals. Throughout their career, Deidre has occupied both clinical and executive director roles in organizations that provide mental health care to communities marginalized based on race, gender identity, sexuality, and economic status. Deidre has educated therapists, counselors, and other human service professionals at graduate and post-graduate levels in creating and executing socially just and culturally sensitive counseling, healing practices, and services. As a parent volunteer at their child’s school, they founded and co-lead the Parent and Caregivers Association Committee for Advancing Racial Equity in our School (PCA CARES).

LEADRR Prerequisites

You must be in a leadership or management role at your company or organization, the owner of a group practice, and/or providing clinical supervision or consultation to mental health therapists.

You must have already started doing your own anti-oppressive and racially responsive work.

Course Details

This ONLINE course consists of 8 Quarterly Seminars over 2 Years. This long term commitment is meant to allow for integration of information and to promote community building. The course will have a maximum of 23 participants. Each seminar will be taught in an experiential format through self reflection, small group activities, large group discussion, and focus on the present-moment experience.

Dates & Times

Friday, 10/13/23

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 1/19/24

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 4/12/24

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 7/12/24

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 10/11/24

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 1/10/25

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 4/11/25

11am-2pm MT

Friday, 7/11/25

11am-2pm MT

LEADRR Requirements

Attend 7 out of the 8 seminars. You may only have one missed seminar.

Sit with discomfort and choose courage, compassion, and vulnerability over comfort.

Complete any recommended readings or exercises between seminars.

Be willing to let down your protective barriers to fully engage with others.

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Refund Policy

A Full refund will be given if cancellation is requested by September 5, 2023. A 50% refund will be given if cancellation is requested by September 12, 2023. No refund will be given after September 12, 2023. If an emergency situation arises, please contact us to discuss the situation.

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