Anthony Scardigno (He/Him)


Life Transitions





Spiritual & Agnostic

Dog Dad

In my early years I struggled knowing who I was and where I fit within the world. I endured bullying for being the “shy guy” and it made me feel different. At the time, I was unaware of the impact this had on me. Years later, I began to experience depression, low self-esteem, many sleepless nights, and an overall low willingness to live. Through my support systems, including therapy, I was able to learn that I can be my authentic self without negative repercussions, and that it is okay to not always know who you are in every waking moment. Take it from me- a good life worth living is possible!

You are not alone in the search to experience growth and wholeness.  I enjoy developing a meaningful relationship with each client to support their growth.  I am here to collaborate with you as you navigate the many difficulties in life.  My passion is to support people struggling with “unbreakable” thought patterns, reconstructing these thinking patterns into a more happy and satisfying head space.   I prioritize hearing and understanding you, recognizing and building upon your unique strengths and talents.  My approach is to uphold an outsider’s perspective in order to help you explore and establish new insight.  I have found that by allowing you freedom to express your true self, your confidence and capability will grow.  I utilize Hypnosis to assist clients who are feeling particularly stuck.  Hypnosis can provide deeper insight and healing by breaking down protective walls that exist from past trauma.

Outside of the office, Anthony enjoys spending time with family and his three-legged dog.  He also enjoys hiking, running, and spending quality time with friends.

Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Synergetic Play Therapy

Mental Health Considerations for the Queer, Transgender, and Gender Expansive Communities

Working with Latinx Clients, Families & Communities

Becoming a Racially Conscious Professional

Working with Clients with Neurodivergence

Increasing Awareness of and Counteracting Ableism in Therapy

Gender & Sexuality

Leadership in Equity and Development of Racial Responsibility Series (In Training)