Brittany Thaw (She/Her)



Relationship Issues



Cis-Gender Female



First Generation College Student

Growing up, expressing emotions was similar to wearing a painfully itchy sweater for me and I wanted to avoid wearing it when possible. Fortunately, I realized the meaningfulness of authentic relationships, and the importance of discovering how I am in relation to others. I believe that we often come to know ourselves through our relationships with others! Each person has the capability to uniquely develop insight and connect to their experience to see what may be getting in the way of what they want. I enjoy coming alongside my clients as they do just that.

My approach to therapy is focused on emotional health and relational satisfaction.  This begins by her developing a strong relationship with you through warmth, empathy, curiosity, and humor.  I then assist clients in better understanding how each person plays a role in creating and maintaining relational dynamics and patterns.  Finally, I empower clients to make new, conscious decisions that cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships.  My clients leave therapy with a sense of purpose, certainty, and deeper connection with loved ones.

In my free time, I enjoy astrophotography, spending time in nature, and connecting with friends and loved ones.

Anticipated Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Regis University

Play Therapy