Celeste Slettern (They/Them)

  • Empathic Care
  • Data Analysis
  • Process Design


Non-Binary, Gender Fluid





Child of Divorced Parents

Survivor of Childhood Abuse & Neglect

Religious Trauma

Dog Parent

My history has been full of challenges. I grew up in a deeply conservative religious environment that undermined much of my freedom to explore or express myself. I experienced a significant custody change when I was pulled from my mother’s custody and brought to Colorado. I have first hand experience with how specific belief systems caused deep harm to myself and other members of my family as queer individuals. In addition, I have lived experience with how trauma is passed down and compounds. My mother was deeply mentally ill and this created a neglectful and abusive environment. I started learning about psychology in high school as a way to more deeply understand my own trauma and experiences with mental health. This became an internship in high school and a job after graduation.

I have been on the front end of scheduling for therapy services since 2018. I’ve come to understand how deeply our societal systems and expectations not only failed me, but many others. I am still on my healing journey and I find a deep satisfaction in working with others to start that journey as well, whether that is with Experience Change or elsewhere.

I spend my downtime playing video games, reading webcomics or watching Youtube. I like to get creative by mending and altering clothing as well as drawing and painting. I spend my weekends exploring the Colorado outdoors with my dog, whether in the mountains or my local parks. I also enjoy relaxing with Yoga and Zumba.


Mental Health Considerations for the Queer, Transgender, and Gender Expansive Communities

Working with Latinx Clients, Families & Communities

Becoming a Racially Conscious Professional

Working with Clients with Neurodivergence

Increasing Awareness of and Counteracting Ableism in Therapy

Gender & Sexuality

Leadership in Equity and Development of Racial Responsibility Series (In Training)