Denise Cardenas (She/Her)

  • Medicaid/Insurance Billing
  • Payment Plans
  • Customer Service


Cis-Gender Female


Disabled- Severe Hearing Loss, Neurodivergent

Bilingual- Spanish & English

Child of an Immigrant

I began my journey in the medical field, as a Medical Assistant, I absolutely loved helping people, and more so those who spoke Spanish, and had limited access to medical care. Further in my career as a Care Manager, I got to see the very big impacts that not having healthcare coverage had on families. My pursuit in the Medical Billing field has led me to understand more of the ‘unknown’ when it comes to coverage. Before coming into this particular field, being someone who relied heavily on the information given to me – and running with it, I have understood that the knowledge that I can provide has a huge impact on whether services can be provided or not. Being someone that can be approached if there are any questions, is also very big for me – as I understand how society in general has a very outright mindset of ‘well, you should know…’ But it is ok to not know, and to ask questions.  Together we can achieve what we need as a whole.

I believe knowledge is a key aspect of healing, so my hope is to continue to learn the best I can, so I can provide you with the knowledge needed to access services, get services paid for, and guide you in paying off any unpaid balances.

I love to read, do some scrapbooking, or cook with my kiddos, or even alone.  I like to find ways to express my creativity with food, as it is one of my love languages!  Also walking my pups has always been one my greatest joys – as it always helps ground me when having an off day.