Kellee Scannell (She/Her)

Child Play Therapy

Complex Trauma

Interpersonal Neurobiology


Cis-Gender Female



Middle Class

Raised in Hispanic/White Household

Trauma Survivor


Practice Judaism

I was raised in a blended family from the age of 5. My father ultimately was married 4 times, and my mother was ultimately married 3 times. My parents were also both raised within a blended family. When choosing what therapeutic degree to pursue, it seemed random at first, but over the years I have found it unsurprising that I chose to become a marriage and family therapist because complicated systems make sense to me. I didn’t have many adults that believed in me growing up, and in the early stages of my career I didn’t have many supervisors that provided me with a template on how to co-regulate others. I had one teacher growing up, and one mentor towards the end of my pre-licensure career that believed in me, fully supported who I was, and encouraged me to reach for my potential. I chose to supervise others after I felt I had received quality, nurturing, and challenging support myself. I wanted to give to others what had been given to me by my mentors.

Three important purposes of supervision for me include: enhancing clinical skills, gatekeeping, and attending to self-of-the-therapist. The importance of a safe relationship within the supervisor/supervisee relationship is important to me. My goals for supervision are to promote each supervisee’s personal awareness while also establishing trust. As a supervisor, I challenge my supervisees while also creating an atmosphere that allows for mistakes. I take on the roles of both coach and mentor. Cultural equity within supervision is also very important to me. I will not define “the other,” and attempt to become competent in “the other’s” culture, specifically when thinking about differences between me and my supervisees. Instead, I will name differences out loud first and then taking a curious stance with supervisees. This is how I begin to achieve cultural equity.

In my free time I love traveling within and outside of Colorado. I consider myself a foodie so you can often find me eating at the newest restaurant in the Denver area. I enjoy watching football and basketball. I’m not a Broncos fan, but I can be found at Nuggets games. Living in Denver with no family I am often with friends who have become family.

Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Capella University

AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Certified in Synergetic Play Therapy

Certified in Trauma Play

Certified in EMDR

Mental Health Considerations for the Queer, Transgender, and Gender Expansive Communities

Working with Latinx Clients, Families & Communities

Becoming a Racially Conscious Professional

Working with Clients with Neurodivergence

Increasing Awareness of and Counteracting Ableism in Therapy

Gender & Sexuality

Leadership in Equity and Development of Racial Responsibility Series (In Training)