Kristen Oliver (She/Her)





Cis-Gender Female


Able-Bodied with Experiences of Chronic Pain & Health Difficulties

Spiritually Rooted

Neuro Spicy

Inter-Racial Relationship


I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a therapist, but fear won and I pursued what I perceived to be a ‘safe’ career path in banking. I was miserable, anxious, stressed and experiencing health issues as a result of ignoring what my intuition had been leading me toward most my life. Through the help of my own therapy and turning toward my fear I began my masters program and found freedom in authenticity. I strongly believe we hold the knowledge of what we need and who we are within but the layers of fear, societal programming, expectations, the need to survive, and internalized shame, guilt, etc, cloud our ability to attune to ourselves. My role is to help you maneuver these layers and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

I am empathetic, insightful, and kind.  I found my passion lies in helping others navigate their intimate relationships and their sex lives.   I have a genuine curiosity about others and how their experiences have shaped them.  I will support you to learn more about yourself and your relationships so you can reduce conflict and increase connection.   I believe individuals play a role in creating relational dynamics and patterns, and it is important for each member within a dynamic to understand what role they play. In addition, I also advocate for your unique identity that has yet to be fully expressed and that you are longing to explore.  My goal is to help make the therapeutic process as easy as possible, through clear and concise communication.  I will draw upon your strengths and goals and meet you where you are.  I am invested in helping you increase your awareness, emotional intelligence, authenticity, communication skills, and relational connections.  We will work together to identify the relational patterns that keep you stuck, and how to create sustainable change for greater intimacy in your relationship(s).

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, dancing, puzzle building, video games, and a good TV show binge.  I am a Colorado native who enjoys spending time with my two kitties and husband.

Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Regis University

Advanced Training in Sex Therapy with Sexual Health Alliance

Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship

Mental Health Considerations for the Queer, Transgender, and Gender Expansive Communities

Working with Latinx Clients, Families & Communities

Becoming a Racially Conscious Professional

Working with Clients with Neurodivergence

Increasing Awareness of and Counteracting Ableism in Therapy

Gender & Sexuality