Melody Brown (She/Her)

Identity Development

Culturally-Attuned Care

Marginalized Communities

Black/African American

Cis-Gender Female


Mostly Able-Bodied


Raised Christian with Metaphysical Practices & Beliefs

Culturally Southern Upbringing

Like many therapists, I chose this field to “help people”. What I didn’t realize was the ways I learned to disregard my worth and therefore my needs. This regard was not due to coming from a home where I wasn’t loved or valued but rather from societal messages that I wasn’t good enough. My marginalized identities, i.e., Black, female, beautifully full figured, and queer are identities that our society would rather dismiss at best, or at worst, annihilate. As I worked to unlearn this internalized sense of unworthiness, I also learned to see others as beautiful and fully capable of navigating their lived experiences. I know now that we are powerful beyond belief and at our core, we know what we need to do to heal ourselves. Consequently, I now believe my job as a clinician and as a supervisor is to remind our spirits of what we have forgotten.

I use both systemic theories and principles of equity for those who society deems unfit for a fair chance at happiness and a sense of wellbeing. My work centers on understanding the complexity of our identities, i.e., cultural, ethnic, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and physical abilities, etc. I know that some of our greatest gifts stem from the complexity of who we are and how we love and care for ourselves and those we love. I combine my experience in working with underserved communities and my respect for those I serve to foster relationships where ALL people are seen.  My approach is to ensure that clinicians understand their own identities, their places of power and subjugation, and how this impacts their work with clients.  I am the owner of Systemic Solutions, LLC and serve the community by providing public speaking, training, clinical supervision, and consultation to organizations seeking to improve their services through an equity and community conscious lens.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, spending time with family, and curling up with my cat.

PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, Syracuse University

Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Northeast Louisiana University

Becoming a Racially Conscious Therapist

Gender & Sexuality

Leadership in Equity and Development of Racial Responsibility Series (In Training)