Ruby Linkhart (She/Her)

Substance Use


Relationship Repair


Cis-Gender Female


Able-Bodied & Neurotypical

Inter-racial Relationship

Child of Divorced Parents

Adopted Siblings

Growing up, I was super sensitive. I felt emotions so deeply they overwhelmed me. I believed sensitivity was my weakness. I received the message that being strong meant being emotionally hardened. Being sensitive also led to challenges, including prioritizing others’ needs over my own. Through my own healing process, I learned how to regulate my emotions, set healthy boundaries, and show up for myself with love and kindness. From that space, I can show up for others and their needs in a sustainable way. Now, sensitivity is my superpower. Tapping into my sensitivity provides me with profound compassion for the clients I have the privilege of supporting and genuine empathy for the stories they share. I bring my true, sensitive self into each session, because I believe authenticity is central to building secure and meaningful connection, and that relational connection is foundational for healing and growth.

I understand that challenges left unspoken and unaddressed can begin to feel unmanageable.  These challenges can cause you to feel hopeless, misunderstood, ashamed, and isolated.  In addition, you can become trapped in patterns of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that helped you adapt and survive, but which may no longer serve you.  I am here to support you with getting out of these patterns, helping you move from feeling stuck to feeling free.  I start by establishing an environment of safety and trust by providing clients with empathy, authenticity, and non-judgmental compassion.  I aim to meet you where you are, collaborate with you, and moves at your pace.  You can work with Ruby to identify goals, overcome challenges, and cultivate tools and resources.  My clients often leave feeling more fully themselves and empowered in their lives.

I am originally from Denver.  I enjoy spending time outdoors, reading, taking care of plants, and doing anything involving food, from cooking and baking to trying new restaurants.  I also find comfort in hanging out with friends, family, and my dog.

Master’s Degree in Social Work, Metropolitan State University

Licensed Addictions Counselor

Working with Latinx Clients, Families & Communities

Gender & Sexuality