Tracy Stinson (She/Her)

Grief & Loss




Cis-Gender Female




I learned what death and loss were at a very young age when I lost both my grandmother and my beloved aunt between the ages of 7-9 years old. I had no idea how to process the profound grief I felt, and my family didn’t know how to help. Faced with questions about mortality, I was also coming to terms with my own queer identity in a world that didn’t accept me. I felt alone, isolated, confused, and ashamed of who I was, all while carrying intense grief around the losses I had experienced. It took years of hard work, painful at times, before I was able to find compassion, love, and grace for myself.   I’ve found that healing has occurred by finding deeper meaning in painful losses and a sense of sacredness in the process. I get what it’s like to feel unworthy and ashamed, how lonely and isolating it is to keep these feelings inside, and to be unseen and misunderstood. I also understand how hard it is to lose someone and how our culture doesn’t understand or recognize how debilitating grief can be.  The healing process can take much longer than what is socially acceptable. I am here to walk alongside you in your journey back to wholeness through truly seeing you in all your sacredness and worth.

I believe that we all have a basic need to be seen, heard, and accepted for who we are, regardless of the path we walk.  Through creating a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental space, my goal is to guide you back into true connection with yourself and others.  I assist clients in exploring their inner selves to shine light on the spaces in need of healing and to find meaning in experiences that bring depth to life.   Additionally, I empower clients to find a sense of wholeness and the kind of deep healing that resonates in their souls.  I work from an overall person-centered approach, while utilizing a variety of depth therapies including psychodynamic, existential, dream work, and grief alchemy.  My focus areas include trauma, PTSD, shame, grief, depression, anxiety, queer issues, and life transitions.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring the world with my wife and dog, experiencing an array of cuisines, and reading fiction books.

Master’s Degree in Counseling, Regis University

EMDR (In Training)